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Why DBXperts?

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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management assists clients in meeting their database and infrastructure operational management requirements, effectively and efficiently.  Our highly skilled team of system managers, system administrators, network administrators and database administrators deliver reliable, scalable, and effective infrastructure and technology management services that help business run smoothly, run always. 

Our service offerings are designed to meet the differing needs of companies. Using our team of experts, along with innovative and leading edge technology, we have developed a series of service models to help companies meet their most demanding operational management requirements. 

         available in three service levels, each targeted at different customer needs, from basic remote infrastructure monitoring to full 24 by 7 managed operations

         service levels are designed to supplement existing in-house technology management resources with remote monitoring, operational management and additional service offerings such as architecture design, disaster recovery services, etc

         each service model includes ad-hoc and regularly scheduled meetings, ensuring a high-touch customer relations 





  • remote monitoring, product installation, annual health check, security management


         bronze level plus, quarterly health checkups, after hours pager support, backup services, on-site support, performance management and tuning 


         silver level plus, monthly health checks, 7x24 support, faster response guarantees and increased on site support availability