Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist our clients in realizing the true potential of their information technology assets by providing specialized expertise for the strategic planning, implementation, operational management and support of their database and infrastructure technology environments. Enabling customers to receive world-class expertise, share investment risk, and maximize their core capabilities.


DBXperts operates with a set of sound and pragmatic strategies and philosophies. These strategies and philosophies represent the foundation of our business model and provide the road map for our future.

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We believe that in order for our clients to be successful they must be able to concentrate their talents on activities that help move their companies forward. Recognizing their greatest strengths enables companies to concentrate on their core abilities and seek support in those areas where others may provide expert service.

Businesses on relying more and more on technology and it is this technical infrastructure and its ability to operate effectively that can determine a company's success in the digital world. We provide the services, methods, processes and tools to keep companies computing infrastructure running, 24 by 7.

Our approach to high quality delivery is exemplified by:


·       Consistently maintaining the highest standards by building our team with highly qualified and experienced personnel.

·       Maintaining leadership by delivering uncompromising quality and maintaining a single and sharpened focus on being a world class provider of database and e-infrastructure management services.

·       Fostering cooperation between ourselves and our clients by having our team work together with our customers to solve a common problem. Our clients get the benefit of years of experience without the cost of single handily developing the knowledge and skill base.

·       Looking for economies of scale in technology and in service delivery, so everyone benefits.

·       Cross-training our team in technology and customer specifics to ensure that there will always be effective coverage  

·       Delivering our clients solutions to their problems, not just a simple quick fix.


By engaging all situations and all clients with these strategies we are able to deliver the right solutions. DBXperts relies on its people, their skills and our client’s satisfaction, they together define our success.